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Watman Associates provides off the shelf and custom Linux Solutions.

Well hello, I'm Tom Watson, I am also the chief cook and bottle washer at Watman Associates. At the present time Watman Associates is working on many Linux Projects.

Watman Associates is currently developing single display multi window and multi-display Direct Access Electronic Trading Systems. The basic concept is the development of Linux single and multi-display System's with usable organized screen real-estate of 30,000 by 1200 pixels. This provides a user with 10 to 20 times the viewable infomation on current PC's and workstations.
The software used is fully applicable to common single display computers.

This an example of a 4 screen Trading Information Workstation.

A discussion of the multi-window and multi-display software technology used can be found my simple stuff page.

The whimsical displays on Tom's pooter page will give the weary eyed another view.

The above systems are being used to perform live trading on a daily basis. One of the artifacts of this short term trading making decisions based on the information analysis provided by the Linux workstations has been a significant increase in the working capital of Watman Associates. This has and is allowing more investments of time and system development in other areas where the phenomenal price performance of Linux Workstations can lead to enormous productivity gains.

The second area of development is in the volume processing of digital images and the automation of archiving the imagery in html or web pages.
Examples of this image processing:
The Sea Witch Gam image archive contains 617 photos documented with 32 web pages and the total processing from camera to web took less than 6 hours.
Tom Watson's Cyber Home of things Beautiful. points to many Photo Galleries all processed using Linux.

Additional other projects in the integration of Multimedia and Telephony over IP are in the works.

Watman Associates, transmuting technology into the infomation tools.

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As a good corporate citizen Watman Associates helps support Sea Scout Ship 110 and the Sea Scouting Program.

Some of Tom's other Photo Essays.

I have published several Photo Essays at
SeaScout GAM at Captain's Cove Bridgeport CT, June 8, 2002 F707
West Rock State Park, New Haven Ct. Feb 9, 2002 F707
A walk around Webb Mountain and the overlook Monroe Ct. Jan 2002 F707
A walk around Great Hollow Lake, Monroe CT. Jan 2002 F707
The Cats that own it all. F707
Hires Photo's of the Attack on Sept 11.
Linux Expo at the Javits Center, 2002 F707
The Worlds Largest 3D Anaglyphs. F707
First few pictures taken with Sony DSC F707 Camera.
Sea Scouts and Sunset and Spinikers flying.

Spring Track 9 April 2001 at Masuk. 148 Pics.

Jan 27, 2001 SWC Track Meet at Staples. 232 Pics.

Jan 6, 2001 Track Meet at Staples. 100 Pics.

Some 3D FUN Anaglyphs and XPAIRS

3D from a Winter Wonderland. 57 Anaglyphs and Stereo pairs.
3d Day Break Virgin Snow Fall. 58 Anaglyphs and Stereo pairs.

3D Linus Expo 2001 Thursday. 51 Anaglyphs and Stereo pairs.

3D Linus Expo 2001 Friday. 29 Anaglyphs and Stereo pairs.

Sun, Snow, Sledding, New Years Day, Jan 1, 2001. 325 Pics.

A Winter Wonderland, Dec 31, 2000. 112 Pics.

A look at Web based real time data feeds providing election 2000 information.

Pointers to recently posted Soccer pics pages are on the Soccer Team Fall 2000 Schedule page.

The Masuk Boys Varsity Soccer Team Fall 2000 Schedule page.

This page has the links the game photos.

St Jude`s Wedding Anniversary Mass, Fall 2000 -- 120 Pics.

THE Tsunami Gam Photo Gallery Index, June 2000 499 Pics

Masuk Concert Choir at the Lincoln Center, May 2000. 246 Pics.

Masuk Winter 2000 Concert. 97 Pics.

Linux World 2000 70 Pics. So far

Winter 2000, SWC Indoor Track 240 Pics.

Masuk Varsity Futbol Ladies, Senior's night, Fall 1999. 312 Pics.

St Jude`s Wedding Anniversary Mass, Fall 1999 180 Pics.

Sea Scout Ship 110, Pictures of Ship 110 Sea Scouts at work and at play. 317 Pics

Sea Scouts make ready for the coming sailing season. 37 Pics

With one week to launch Sea Scouts do final hull prep. 35 Pics

THE Sea Witch Gam Monster Photo Gallery Index 617 Pics

THE Survival Gam at Sheffield Island, a Little Photo Gallery Index 381 Pics

A Visit to Captain's Cove by Sea Scout Ship 272 25 Pics

The First Annual HOLMGANG Race ... 151 PICS and
With an additional 98 PICS of Sailing on Sloop Cygnux.
249 Pics

St. Peter's Church before/during renovaton. 37 Pics

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