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On a beautiful Fall day Sea Scout Ship 101, Thor's Hammer met sister ship Artemis just outside of Blackrock harbor. The day's adventure was the first annual HOLMGANG RACE. This web page is a 151 Photo essay of this race. Enjoy, Tom Watson skipper Sea Scout Ship110.


A holmgang is Norse for "a duel." On 26 September the officers and crew of THOR'S HAMMER belonging to Sea Scout Ship 101 Viking of Stratford, CT challenged ARTEMIS of Black Rock, CT to a seagoing duel, a race. ARTEMIS and THOR'S HAMMER may be the only remaining Pearson Invictas on the East Coast. Pearson Invictas were built in Bristol, RI in the early '60's and a Pearson Invicta was the first fiberglass boat to win the Newport to Bermuda Race and also the Halifax to Bermuda Race. Both boats have survived sing (at their moorings) in hurricanes and have been extensively restored. Both operate on shoestring budgets.

In 19th Century style, the race started at anchor, with all sails down, off Jennings Beach in Fairfield, proceeded to Middle Ground Light and finished near 2A at the entrance to Black Rock Harbor.

ARTEMIS won, perhaps the Sea Scouts were deferring to their elders? ARTEMIS is a slightly older boat. THOR'S HAMMER learned some tricks regarding ballast. THOR'S HAMMER has had a "mystery compartment" between the v-berths that no one could figure out. Now we know. when ladden with ballast it reduces "hobby horsing" and leeway. There will be a rematch next year. Vikings being an irrepressible and aggressive lot.

The prize? High stakes indeed. Two gallons of ice cream (winner's choice) to be consumed along with the losers and something fabricated into what is called the Holmgang Cup.

Now the value of a wooden bucket is beyond comprehension.

What can one say, Holy HOLMGANG mate, me got splinters in me ice cream.

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The Race Photos were made possible with the assistance of the sloop Cygnus that provided this Photographer a platform and one great day of sailing.

Many Thanks to Skipper Mike and all the crew of Cygnus.

Off course I took a photo or two of cygnus and crew, well OK 98 and here they are.

Photos 1 to 20
Photos 21 to 40
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Sea Scouting is a fun and rewarding adventure. If you would like to come on down, You can contact, Skipper Tom Watson by calling 203 268 6728 or drop me an email by clicking below.

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